How to Remove the Date from WordPress Post URL – Step By Step Guide

If you are looking for a guide on how to remove the date from the WordPress post then you are in the right place. If you just started blogging using the WordPress Content Management system then, you might know that when you publish the post, you see different elements in the post URL. You can not only remove the date but other data from the post URL as well.

Your post permalink is also important for the visitors and unless it is a news or magazine website, you should get rid of all the unnecessary things from the slug of the post. All post URLs of your articles should look clean and minimum. The post URL should also include only the necessary main keywords related to your focus keyword if you are looking forward to ranking it.

When to Remove the Date from WordPress Post URL

If you want to give your visitors a clean and clear browsing experience then you should remove the unnecessary elements from your post URL. It also become important to not include other metas to the visitors. Official authorised sites never include unenecessary things in their post URL. So you should do the same in order to look more authentic.

What things are Included in the WordPress Post URL by Default

WordPress post URL include other data as well alongwith the date of the post. This makes your post URL look a bit lengthy and it doesn’t look sophisticated either. WordPress Post URL might include author, comments and even categories of your post. So it becomes important to remove as soon as you set up your brand new website.

Different Method to Remove Date from WordPress URL

When it comes to the removing Date from the post URL, there are multiple ways you can do it. We share 3 ways by which you can easily remove the date from the post slug.

1) From the WordPress Admin Panel
2) CSS Method
3) Plugin Method

Method 1: From the WordPress Admin Panel

This is by far one of the easiest methods by which you can remove the date from the Post URL. Generally, bloggers around the world use this method to remove the date from the URL as soon as they set up their site. It is also very quick and easy to do.

remove date from dashboard
  • First of all Login to your WordPress website then go to the Settings> General
  • Scroll down a bit and till you see the Date Format section
  • Now select the Custom option and erase all the data in the field next to it.
  • After that click on the Save Changes button.

After you save changes, you will not see the date added automatically in the WordPress post URL.
If this method doesn’t seem to be working you should try the following methods.

Method 2: Using CSS Method

Here’s another quick workaround for this issue. You can also add CSS code in the additional CSS section to get rid of dates and other metas from the Post URL.

To enter the CSS code follow the steps below.

  • Go to WordPress admin panel then go to appearance and the go-to customize.
  • There you will see the additional CSS section. Just copy one of the codes below into the field a
  • Now press the Publish button. and Done!

There you go! this will help you to remove all the unnecessary data from the post slug in the WordPress site.

CSS Code 1:

.entry-meta .entry-date.published {
display: none;

CSS Code 2:

.entry-meta {
display: none;

Since this code is made for only few WordPress Themes, it might not work for your theme that is not on the list. You can try the Plugin method as well to remove the date from the post slug.

If for any reason, this method doesn’t work, we have another way by which you can get rid off the Date from the Post slug.

Method 3: Using the Plugin

When nothing seems to be working, we have got another quick fix to this problem. If you don’t want to do anything written above and just want to get rid off the Date from the URL, then continue reading.

For those who want to remove the link without doing anything technical, you can use WP Meta and Date Remover Plugin.

  • First of all login to your WordPress site.
  • Then go to the Plugin section and click on the Add New button
  • Now search WP Meta and Date Remover
  • Click on the Install Now button on the first result
  • After installation, activate the plugin

After activating the plugin, all the dates and meta elements will be removed from the WordPress post URL.


Removing the Date and other elements from the WordPress post URL can be important if you want to keep your website clutter-free and clean. We have discussed 3 methods that should work without any issues. If you still encounter any problem while removing the date from the WordPress URL, you can ask your question below in the comment box. For more awesome WordPress tips and tricks, check out our other articles.

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