How to Enable Dark Mode in WordPress Website

It has been a trend now to use dark mode and most people tend to love to using Dark Mode on applications and while browsing through the internet. You can even see now that the operating systems also come integrated with dark mode. So, in this world where the dark mode is used so extensively, it is of course not a bad idea to enable dark mode to your website. Adding dark mode to your website, users might spend some more time on your site than usual and you know what, it looks awesome, too.

If you run a WordPress website and looking for a guide on how to enable dark mode on your WordPress website, then, sit back and relax. We will tell you exactly how to enable dark mode to your site with step by step guide. Earlier sites weren’t responsive and people didn’t use to care much about their site and the user interface. But now with the WordPress CMS and plethora of Themes, Plugins available ready to be used, there seems nothing that you can’t do.

This article will explain how to Enable Dark Mode on your WordPress Website easily. You can even enable Dark Mode to your WordPress Admin Dashboard as well.

How to Add Dark Mode to Your WordPress Website

There are multiple ways by which you can add dark mode to you WordPress Website, but we will tell you the simplest way to do it.

To enable dark mode on your website, we will use WP Dark Mode Plugin and install it on our site.

WP Dark Mode Plugin will automatically Enable Dark Mode on your website or you can set it to enable according to the user operating system mode. It support all major operating systems such as Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS and iPadOS.

Step 1- Download and Install WP Dark Mode WordPress Plugin

To be able to use this WP Dark Mode Plugin, you should first install and activate on your site.

To install WP Dark Mode Plugin, go to your WordPress Admin Panel, then click on the Dashboard> Plugins > Click on the Add New Button. Type WP Dark Mode and hit search! There you will the results, click on the first plugin, just click and on Install Now and you are good to go.

how to enable dark mode 1

After that, go to Plugins and click on Installed Plugins tab and Activate the WP Dark Mode Plugin from the list.

Step 2- Enable Dark Mode in the WP Dark Mode Plugin Setting

how to enable dark mode 2

Click on the Installed Plugin tab and open WP Dark Mode Plugin settings. After that, in General settings tab, you will se multiple options. Configure the settings according to you preference and click on save settings button.

You can also Enable Dark Mode Switcher at the top for WordPress admin panel, to use Dark Mode even at the backend.

Step 3- Customizing Dark Mode on Your Site

Edit General Settings

how to enable dak mode 3

In the Plugin settings, go to the Display Settings, here you will see verity of options to customize. You can switch how the floating mode switcher button style will look on your site. You can also set the position of floating mode switcher button. Have a look at other options included if you want to customize the dark mode even further.

  • Show/ hide floating dark mode switcher button
  • Enable/disable default dark mode for the frontend
  • Enable/disable dark mode on the backend
  • Enable dark mode depending on the visitors’ OS mode.
  • Set up the position of the dark mode switcher
  • Add option to show a switch in the menu
  • Customize Dark/Light mode for the Switcher button
  • Display dark mode button above all posts
  • Display dark mode button above all pages

Edit Style Settings

how to enable dak mode 4

Here you can customize color presets for your dark mode. These preset include background color, text, and link color. For free version only 2 are available, you can unlock more color presets or can create your own color scheme by purchasing the Pro Version of WP Dark Theme.

Enable Dark Mode in WordPress Admin Panel (Backend)

Like Developer Like Visitor- If you yourself want to enable dark mode in the WordPress Admin dashboard you can simply enable it. Enabling this setting will place a small toggleable Dark Mode Swticher button on your Admin panel.

To enable the Dark Mode in the Admin dashboard, go to the General Setting of the WP Dark Mode Plugin and enable the indicated switch below.

how to enable dak mode 6

Turning this switch on will place a Dark Mode Switcher at the top left corner of the Admin panel.


Adding Dark Mode to your website will definitely help your visitors to read the content of your site without straining the eyes. While some visitors might not find the dark mode useful there will be a lot of Visitors who will like your website just because of the addition of that small Dark Mode switcher. You will also see less bounce rate, as the dak mode encourages your visitors to stay a little bit longer on your website. Visitors also might visit your site more often due to the dark mode.

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