Highest Paying CPC Ad Networks For 2021

If you are looking for Highest Paying CPC Ad Networks, you are at the right place. Today, we will tell you a verity of Ad Platforms that will pay you the highest for CPC AKA Cost Per Click. A few years ago Google Adsense was the primary source for the publishers to put up ads on their websites. But with the time, many third-party Ad Networks started to come in the business, giving tough competition to each other and to Google Adsense as well. S

What is CPC?

Before moving on we should know what is CPC and how it’s been used in digital advertisements. CPC stands for Cost per Click which means the advertisers has to pay a certain amount of money for a single click on their Ads. CPC is nothing but a certain amount an advertiser is willing to pay if someone clicks on their Ad banner or image or a link.

CPC is pretty simple and convenient for both the publishers and the advertisers, because unlike the CPM (Cost Per Mile). In CPM, advertisers pay for per thousand impressions on their Ads. But in practice, Cost Per Click is considered more impactful than the impression because the advertisers only pay when the visitors want to see their Ads or click willingly.

So today we will find such Ad Networks that pay the highest for Cost Per Click and their significances.

Top Highest Paying CPC Ad Networks

1. Media.net


Media.net is a great ad network that pays the highest for CPC. If you are looking for a worthy opponent of Google Adsense, you might want to try this out. Media.net offers 10% more with regular payouts for first 3 months for AdPushup visitors. It provides high contextual ads for the advertisers and offers great options for mobile ad platforms for advertisers.

There are more than 125 Billions ads served each year with more than 2 billion ads clicked and paid to publishers. Media.net offers contextual ads that are relevant and cookie-free. Media.net also offers you great ad units that blend in with your website thus increasing CTR up to 4X. It also offers complete control over how Ads will look on your website and from which publishers.

Media.net also has a huge marketplace that with thousands of publishers ranging from a small startup company to the biggest tech giants.

2. Infolinks


Infolinks is another great Ad Network that pays one of the most highest for CPC. It has intent taregting for the visitors and it shows only the ads in which visitors might show interest. They are highly optimied to fit in between your content so that your users may find it more intersting. There are more than half a million websites using Infolinks platform to grow together. Infolinks get 1.5 Billion monthly ad views and it is world’s 3rd largest publisher market for the rising startup and well established brands.

Infolinks uses smart algorithm to show visitors only when they are most interested in your content. You can also get to show Ads on your website from the advertisers around the world. It is definitely one of the best Ad Networks suitable for any kind of websites.

3. Google AdSense

Google adsense
Google adsense

Google AdSense being one of the OG of the Ad Network could still be the best go-to option for newcomers in the blogging field. If you have a website with enough traffic, you can actually get started with Google AdSense. There are millions of people already using Google AdSense to publish Ads and publishers who are willing to pay for the Ads. This also makes Google AdSense the number 1 Ad Network in the world.

Google AdSense uses smart algorithms to showcase ads based on the visitors’ preferences and recent interest. Google AdSense is a pretty good platform but not everyone is eligible for the platform. Google has set some specific guidelines for both the Publishers and Advertisers. If the Advertiser fails to comply with the Ad criteria that Google has set up, they might not be able to use the Google AdSense platform. This goes the same for the Publisher as well.

4. Bidvertiser


Advertiser is another great platform for monetizing your traffic in the simplest and efficient manner. Bidvetiser is most useful and easy to set up Ad Network for your website. The level of transparency and control over the ads is more optimized among the all. Bidvertiser offers you 100% conversion for all kinds of devices. Mobile phones, computers, tablets, Bidvertise has got you covered.

Bidervtiser has a unique algorithm that optimizes your revenue and let you earn more no matter what devices the Ads are running. Another great thing about the Bidvertiser is that they have a $10 minimum payout amount. Which means that, no matter how small your website is, if your earning riches the $10 threshold, you will receive your earning. This is great if you compare this to Google AdSense’s $100 minimum payment threshold.


So these were our top picks for the Highest Paying CPC Ad networks, You can use any of these on your website to earn more. Some Ad Network has criteria set up and you have to comply with their guidelines to be able to publish their ads on your website. They might take a lot of factors into accounts such as website traffic, active visitors, the language of your website, content and the quantity & quality of the content. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the Ad Networks, feel free to ask us in the comment box below.

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