5 Best Caching Plugins For WordPress You Should Use in 2021

5 Best Caching Plugins for WordPress: Caching indeed is one of the finest and advanced processes that makes your WordPress site load faster. Nowadays, you can’t even think your website publishing to the internet without caching. Since WordPress has come into the website building game, we have seen some tremendous changes in the website that we can create. There are some plugins that make your site load faster while some help you with the customization. But today we will talk about Caching and how does it change the way you host your website.

Apart from that, we will also discuss some of the best WordPress Caching Plugins that will help you host your website on the servers more efficiently of course will load your site faster instantly. You can choose any of the WordPress Caching Plugins and you will be good to go.

What Exactly Caching is?

Caching can be explained as the process of storing some preloaded image of the website in the Disk or RAM so that the servers don’t have to load all the necessary elements on your website repeatedly. This comes handy if your website is a big one and does hold a lot of data such as an image or other articles. With the help of caching, you are showing the visitors a preloaded image data of your website. And that makes the process a lot easier for the servers as well as for the visitors.

Caching becomes extremely useful and is unavoidable when your website is being visited by the thousands of visitors every day. With Caching your servers can easily show up the data without necessarily loading all the elements it would do without the caching.

5 Best WordPress Caching Plugins

So it’s now time to have a look at the Top 5 WordPress Caching Plugins for 2021

1. WP Rocket

wp rocket

When it comes to the best caching plugins for WordPress, the WP Rocket will always come at the first spot. It has been with us since a while and it served us enough to call it as a number 1 caching Plugin for WordPress. This Plugin is considered as one of the best plugins for caching and it has verity of different configurations. You can easily set this up and start using it immediately. You don’t need any technical knowledge as well. You can preload cache and you can also lazy load your media to make your site load faster. It also comes with Cloudafare compatibility.

This Plugin offers mainly 3 plans you can choose any plan you want according to your needs. The basic plan goes for $49 that offers support for a single site, while other two plans at $99 and $240 offer you support for 3 websites and unlimited websites respectively.

All the plans have validity for a year. If you are just starting your journey with the caching, go with the basic plan as the functionality remain the same, you are going to pay higher just for more number of websites.

2. W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache

Here is another great WordPress Cache plugin that will help you make your site load faster. One of the important things is that this Plugin is Totally Free, And you can use this plugin on as many sites you want. There are currently more than a million active installations and has a very positive response from bloggers around the world.

In the GTmetrix test, W3 Total cache has a loading time of 0.62 seconds, and that’s quite impressive. It improves your site loading speed by about 20%. It makes your site load significantly faster than the usual without using any Caching Plugins. It is more developer-friendly and beginners might not find it as much use but it does its work quite well.

3. WP Super Cache

wp super cache

WP Super Cache is another great option for Caching as it protects your servers from slowing down and your site up running fine. WP Super Cache is an open-source caching plugin for WordPress and it is also Free to use just like the W3 Cache plugin.

WP Super Cache offers 3 different caching modes with the help of which you can easily configure the website to load significantly faster. We recommend users to go with the Simple caching mode as it is not much complicated than the other 2 modes and the beginners will find it more useful. The third mode called Expert mode can be useful for the professional web developers to configure some advanced settings to make site loading speeds even faster.

4. Cache Enabler

cache enabler plugin

Here comes the Cache Enabler, the last plugin in our Best Caching Plugins for WordPress list. Cache Enabler is another great plugin that is absolutely free and offers some great features. If you are a newbie to the caching process, this is the plugin you should go for. It has a quite simple user interface and has advanced features such as it lets you inject CSS into the page head. This could be the best choice of yours if you are into the Free Caching Plugin for WordPress. If your website has a lot of images stored on the server, you can go for this plugin without any hesitation.


So these were our top picks for the Best Caching WordPress Plugins, What do you think about these plugins, and which one you are gonna use? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any doubts related to the Caching process or plugins, you can ask in the comment box below. We will reach out to you as soon as we can. Follow us for more awesome WordPress content, till then, keep blogging and have a nice day.

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