Best Ad Networks For Indian Traffic in 2021

Best Ad Networks for Indian Traffic: If you are looking for monetizing your website, then Google Adsense could be a good choice. But if for some reason you don’t want to use the Google AdSense, you can try recommended networks below. We have listed some of the best Ad Networks specifically for Indian Traffic.

Today there are dozens of Ad Network by which you can monetize your website. But we have listed some of the best Ad Network that mainly focuses on the Indian audience. These Ad Networks could be great if your website receives traffic daily from India. So let’s get started.

Best Ad Networks For Indian Traffic

1. Seventynine

Seventynine is a great local ad network that might be useful for publishers from India. It connects the publishers and advertisers that are both located in India. Seventynine have their own distribution platform were they huge growing business that is looking forward to promoting their businesses. Seventynine integrates with mobile apps and mobile web so that both the publishers and the visitors will get the best experience.

2. AdAttract

Here is another great Ad Network that focuses on the local marketplace and in the search of Local Indian publishers. With AdAttract there will be no issue while integrating with your website. And you can easily monitor your performance.

attract also has innovative ad formats that fit the full screen, mobile or desktop view and can be integrated into almost any format. attract also has tons of publishers that are trying to advertise in the local market rather than the global market. This helps both the publishers and advertiser to rich their goal easily.

3. adChakra

chakra is yet another great option for publishers who enough daily traffic from the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the most leading Ad Network specifically serving for the Indian market. chakra integrates easily with all kind of digital platforms such as web, mobile, videos and social media.

The company just started 8 years ago but it has already excelled in the field of a digital advertising network that helps businesses to reach their audience through web and other social platforms.

4. Collectcent

Collectcent is performance driven ad tech company that focuses on mobile-based ad marketing. It helps both the advertisers and the publishers to take their business to the next level. It has a great tool for analysing the current trends and has post-acquisition user engagements metrics that will help both the parties to grow even bigger.

Collectcent delivers innovating ad formats that take your business to another level. Reach to the customers that might genuinely interesting in using your services through the smart algorithms.

Collectcent delivers more than 6 billion clicks and more than 4 million monthly sale events. There are about more than 6 thousand campaigns running each day and it takes just about 2 milliseconds for delivering advertisements to the potential buyers.

5. Tyroo

Tyroo is another great digital Ad Network that is scale driven and result-focused. IT has got some of the best tools and innovations that will give both the parties to aid in their business. Tyroo is also Snapchat’s official monetisation partner in India and Vietnam. Tyroo focuses on the video-centric ad because they simply believe that video ads have a great impact on the viewers rather than a static ad.

With Tyroo, you can easily optimize your campaign and at your preferable scale. Get access to advanced insights and, rule-based triggers and dynamic budget allocation. Tyroo can also easily integrated with the Snapchat. Tyroo offers real-time monitoring with cost-effective control over your ads and has an advanced ad ranking algorithm that serves ads to the right people.

6. SVG Media

SVG Media is the largest Indian Digital Media Network with over 150 unique visitors. SVG Media was started in 2006 and became quite successful in digital advertising technology helping big businesses to grow together. SVG Media offers mobile, social, data targeting and rich media businesses. SVG Media offers more than 70% of India’s digital platform.

SVG also has a great digital platform that serves ads to a multitude of platforms. It serves product listing Ads, Affiliate marketing, dynamic retargeting and video and native ads and other social networks.

More than 10k publishers and thousands of publishers and above 100 million clicks are monitored. SVG Media also has 500 million+ global reaches and serve ads on the top 25% Google Play Store Apps.


So these were some of the most Ad Networks for Indian Market. If you run a website that receives a lot of Indian traffic then above Ad Network might be extremely useful. You can also look for other options as well. At first, place, try the Google AdSense platform and see how it goes. If Google AdSense doesn’t work well for you, then the above options could be best. Ask your questions below in the comment box if you have any doubts. Happy Blogging!

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