5 Best SEO Extensions For Google Chrome You Should Use

If you are looking for the best Google Chrome Extensions, then you are in the right place. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world. There are currently more than 2 billion people that use Google Chrome on daily basis.

Extensions are lightweight, they don’t need to be installed on your computer directly such as apps instead you install them on the browser itself. Extensions are super useful and are feature-rich to perform any kind of task related to the browser. They might help you block ads, while some might help you to translate pages, while some might connect you to the VPN so that you can securely browse the internet.

5 Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

What are some of the best chrome extensions that you should use on Google Chrome? well, we have gathered 5 Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome that will aid you in your SEO strategy.

1. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Keywords Everywhere are one of the most popular keyword research extensions for Google Chrome. Instantly check the keywords on the go without opening any dedicated keywords research tool.

It shows you things such as search volume, CPC, and your rival site data. It also comes with built-in tools to find multiple keywords from the base keyword. Keywords Everywhere also show you the keywords you are looking for in the SERP.

The free version offers things such as trend char, related keywords, people also search for, long-tail keywords. It also shows you the organic traffic each site receives and most searched keywords in the Google Search Engine. For YouTube, it displays the search insights widget as well as the tags widget. You also get to use the Keyword Finder Tool in the YouTube platform.

The paid version even offers more great features such as monthly search volume, CPC, rival site data, trend data and the historical search volume from the year 2004.

If you are just getting started, we recommend you to check out the Free version first, later if you like, you can even purchase the paid version too.

2. MozBar


Here comes another great extension for Google Chrome. MozBar comes from Moz which is one of the most popular SEO Tools in the SEO field.

MozBar is all-in-one SEO toolbar that SEO strategy you will ever need. MozBar shows you the instant metrics of any page on the SERP. You can also create custom searches by search engine, countries or even city. Check the Page authority of the pages and the Domain authority of any site or page easily. MozBar also offers quick access to link metrics across different website and shows the SERP for any particular keyword.

With the Paid version, you can even analyse keyword difficulty score for any website. Get a detailed insight into your website and useful information to optimize your content for any keyword on the page.

3. SimilarWeb


Here’s another extension for Google Chrome that will help you get the website analysis and useful insights to make your perfect SEO strategy.

SimilarWeb will help you show website traffic, key metrics for any website and all the important data such as engagement rate, traffic ranking, keyword ranking and all the traffic sources. One of the most important features of SimilarWeb is that it allows you to use all the tools and features from the main website known as SimilarWeb.com.

Analyse any website on the internet and see its how well it is ranking around the world. You can also set filters for the country and also different categories. Check other useful factors such as visits over time, geography, traffic sources, everything else that you need to build a perfect SEO strategy to rank your website in the SERP.

4. PageSpeed Insights

pagepseed insights

PageSpeed Insights is another awesome extension that shows you PageSpeed Insights with a single click.

PageSpeed Insight is one of the most popular measures to check the site loading speed. This will allow you to check how fast your website loads up. It also shows you the area of improvements so that you can optimize your website to make it load even faster.

It is one of the most proven performance reports that display the performance of a certain page on both the mobile and desktop version and it also gives useful insight to improve the page performance even further,

5. SEO Peek

seo peek

SEO Peek is awesome extension to check the on-page SEO factors that affect any website.

On-Page SEO factors of any webpage are an important part of any website that is ranking in SERP. You can check the Document Object Model of the given webpage so it will be easier for you to check the HTML source.

On-Page SEO factors can be analysed to optimize your website according to SERP. It also becomes useful to overtake the rival’s strategy and see what changes they are making to the on-page SEO.

It also checks the most relevant content elements and robot directives. You can also get the information about HTTP status and several HTTP response headers like the canonical header, X-robots tag header and other headers.


We hope these SEO Extensions for Chrome will help you set up an ideal SEO strategy got your website. If you have any other extensions in the mind, let us know in the comments below. Also if you want us to add any other awesome extensions to the list we will add to the list as soon as we can. Till then have a good day. Happy Blogging!

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