4 Best WordPress Search Plugins You Should Use

If you are looking for the top WordPress Search Plugins then you are in the right place. Today there are a lot of search plugins available to download and use. But we have gathered some of the best Search Plugins for WordPress that you should use.

What is a Search Page?

Before moving on let’s understand what search page is and how search page works? The search page is nothing but a WordPress with a custom page template that gives users useful information when they search your websites. Best way to set up a search page is to install WordPress Search Plugin and configure it to according to your preference.

5 Best WordPress Search Plugins



WordPress Search by default ignores the content on your website while the SearchWP Search Plugin finds it. There are many things such as E-Commerce product details, custom field content, custom database tables, PDF, shortcode output, taxonomy terms and more that WordPress Search by default ignores. But with SearchWP you can easily find above-listed content that is ignored by the default WordPress Search.

SearchWP also improves your keywords search without you having zero coding knowledge. SearchWP also uses your existing search forms and results template and help your site get found by Google. Get unique visitors insights and PDF & document content and much more.

It is also compatible with the latest WooCommerce plugin, ACF Pro and WP Job Manager Plugin. SearchWP is also recommended by major WordPress experts and professional web developers.

2. Ajax Search Pro

ajax search pro

When it comes to searching content on your website, Ajax Search Pro has always been the best solution for your site. Ajax Search Pro is the best WordPress search engine that allows visitors to search your site efficiently and thoroughly.

One of the most important features of the Ajax Search Pro is that it shows you the search results when you type a keyword without having to press the search button. This could be extremely useful for someone who wants to search for something quickly on your website. With these features searching content on your website becomes super fast and also it looks awesome too.

Ajax Search Pro offer real-time results with its built-in search scripts that show the results quickly without having to click on the search icon or press enter button. With Ajax Search Pro you can create stunning search instances with dozens of advanced options.

3. ElasticPress

elastic press

ElasticPress is another great default WordPress Search alternative that is intelligent, quick and extremely useful for your WordPress site. It replaces your default WordPress Search and instead of operating on your site, it performs requested search queries on the cloud and displays results quickly.

Beginners will find it extremely useful as it is easy to set up and can be integrated with any site, themes and plugin. It also fully supports all major web hosting services to perform a quick search on your website.

ElasticPress also has a built-in Ajax search that helps it show the results quickly with a smooth animation. You can use it on websites such as e-Commerce or even a personal blog that has a lot of topics and articles.

4. Ivory Search


Ivory Search is another great alternative that replaces the default WordPress Search and gives you a clean and efficient search form. You can create multiple custom search forms and choose custom settings for each form.

With Ivory, you will also be able to create multiple search forms on the different areas of the website each having their own custom search setting. Ajax search results make it even easy to show live results instantly without having to reload the page.

The basic version is Free But Premium version you have to pay $19.99 per annum.


So these were some of the best WordPress Plugins that you should use on your WordPress site. Setting up these plugins are extremely useful and it will make it easy for the visitors to search for things on your website. There are some free plugins as well as some paid plugins too if you want additional features you can go with the paid one but we recommend you to use the free one if you are just getting started. follow us for more awesome WordPress guides, till then have a good day!

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